My wife and I are very fortunate to have found Dr. Maysa Eddie, the only certified holistic dentist in the Middle East region. Dr. Maysa gave my wife all the time needed to answer her questions over the phone and when it got to her attention that we will be coming to Qatar from Abu Dhabi she offered the assistance of Al Ahmadani Center in finding an appropriate accommodation for us. When we arrived at the center, we had a warm welcome from the staff.

Dr. Maysa did an outstanding effort completing all our dental work in the same day. I had two root canal extractions and eight fillings, while my wife had a root canal extraction and she had her old metal bridge removed. Dr. Maysa made her a temporary metal-free bridge and promised to send the permanent bridge by courier as soon as it’s ready. After sending the bridge by courier, Dr. Maysa was kind enough to refer my wife to a dentist here in Abu Dhabi to have it fixed and was even so generous to call the dentist by herself from Qatar to explain to her what needs to be done. I am currently waiting for the right time, as suggested by Dr. Maysa, to go back to Qatar and have my metal-free implants. Dr. Maysa is a very pleasant and professional person who goes the extra mile to exceed the expectations of her patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Maysa to anyone seeking to have healthy metal-free teeth.

Thank you Dr. Maysa Eddie and to all your staff at Al Ahmadani Center.