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glo therapeutics

Designed exclusively for licensed physicians. glo-therapeutics Advanced line provides a systematic approach to professional skin care. incorporating home care programs to supplement professional treatments. MAjor products includes Sun-protections cream, moisturizers, skin toners, skin repairing serum and eye moisturizers for eyes.

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* Improves barrier integrity
* Promotes cell renewal
* Increases cell communication
* Prevents and inhibits glycation
* Promotes wound healing
* Brightens uneven skin tone
* Supports the dermal-epidermal junction

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1.glo professional ezdan mall
2.Al ahmadani pharmacy
3.Fahad abdalla
4.Salam medical center
5.Syrian American center

glo-therapeutics Professional Back Bar:

glo-therapeutics Back Bar products are used by Dermatologists for chemical peeling, chemical exfoliation, skin neutralizing and many other treatments. It is effective for patients undergone plastic surgery and other dermatological treatments to regain their pre-surgical skin conditions.

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glo minerals

The only makeup that has an antioxidant in it and Green Tea Extract Talc-free that allows skin to breath. Chemical dyes-free, paraben and perfumes free. Exceptional spectrum of mineral pigments. Clinically advanced mineral makeup that covers, corrects and UV protects.


* Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
* Talc free
* Exclude Dyes and Parabens
* Perfume free
* Antioxidant blend of vitamins A,C,E and green tea
* Micronised triple milled to lay smoother on the skin
* Protect and improve the condition of the skin
* Anti- inflammatory
* Anti-bacterial
* Anti-Ageing
* Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection
* Suitable for use post procedure
* Non Comedogenic
* Coverage ranging from sheer to complete camouflage

Available Stores

1. glo professionals( Ezdan mall near costa cafe
2.Al Ahmadani Pharmacy
3.Infinity saloon festival city
4.Iris spa mall of qatar near Syrian American medical center

About glo minerals:

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to document the use of earth materials for protection from the sun and to signify their social class, the use of heavy black around the eye area provided protection and also reflection from the suns strong rays.

The minerals they used were ores of lead known as galena, zinc, titanium dioxide and iron oxide, mica was also used as a decorative glittery effect. The ore Galena was the first used to protect the eyes from the desert sun, flies and evil spirits. As time passed the multiple benefits of mineral make up came to light, eg it was found that zinc not only protected the skin from the sun but also healed wounds and burns.