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Naturtint creates a new natural and ecological cosmetic hair care treatment protecting the health of hair. Naturtint is a pioneer ammonia-free hair-colouring brand from Phergal Laboratories. With a range of four products- Shampoo, Protective Conditioner, Anti-ageing CC Cream and Serum, the natural ingredients of Naturtint nourishes, protects and repairs hair, giving-out spectacular results.

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*Naturtint is free from:
* Parabens
* Paraffins or mineral oils
* surfactants
* artificial colours & fragrances
* ingredients with animal origin
* silicones or acrylates

Available Stores

1.carefour (city center ,vilajio,landmark,mall of qatar)
2. monoprix (city center, Doha festival city)
3.spinys (mall branch ,pearl Qatar port Arabia &pearl qatar marina) food center (airport ,al naser & rayan)
All major pharmacies including al ahmadani pharmacy



Castalia Lavilon Shampoo

Castalia Lavilon is a Dermatological shampoo for permanent or seasonal hair loss. It strengthens hair and prepares the scalp for treatments against hair loss.

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*Treats hair-loss
* Recommended for Dandruff treatment

Available Stores

1.Available in all major Pharmacies in Doha



Lavilon hair loss products contain Saw Palmetto, a plant extract, that helps prevent androgen production responsible for hair loss. At the same time, soy protein based Capigen® helps increase the amount of hair in the anagen phase, regulates sebum secretion, and tones microcirculation while the nourishing ingredients Glycosaminoglycans stimulate hair growth. Finally, the biotechnology complex HSOR + NAD® contained in the HSOR Ampoules Antichute, helps inhibit androgen action.


Lavilon dandruff products contain Climbazole that fights the fungi responsible for dandruff, Salicylic acid that helps in the removal of scale excess, Ichthyol® Pale that decreases the scaling rate and controls oiliness, and Zinc Gluconate that soothes the skin from itchiness and irritations.