Dr. Maysa Eddie

Graduated from Sydney University in 1995 over 17 years’ experience working as a Dentist in busy dental practices including her own, Dr. Eddie has developed strong practical dental skills coupled with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, giving her the ability to practically and effectively treat her patients with both skill and care.

Having completed many continuing educational courses and accreditations in implant, Fellowship from the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain Institute 2007 after many Mini Residency courses in TMJ and Craniofacial courses, orthodontic courses, cosmetic /full mouth reconstruction training, nutritional dentistry courses, sleep dentistry as well as Dental Practice Management courses. This has provided her with a variety of different tools to be able to better serve her patients. Dr. Eddie's interest in holistic dentistry and health care began when she started seeing that chemical and emotional aspects of health can manifest as physical illness. This led to an understanding that the teeth can be affected by the overall health of the body and that conversely the teeth and gums can and do affect health.

The role of how nutrition, mercury amalgam fillings, toxins and oral infections impact on general health along with the relationship of the jaw and neck will affect posture was further investigated. These factors brought together enhanced our approach to dentistry where health care always comes first. This is why Dr Eddie is dedicated to treat the whole patient rather than his mouth or teeth alone. By doing this, she aims to minimize invasive procedures which so often occur in traditional dentistry. She views the totality of the patient including body, mind and spirit. Dr. Eddie is a member of the International association of Orthodontics, Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. She is a registered dentist in NSW Australia. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Alahmadani Dental Centre and is currently responsible for the overall clinical and official management of the center.