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One of the finest clinic in Doha Qatar that is costumer friendly, with cheerful and professional staff that offer variety of services such as anti-aging treatment, hair laser removal treatment, skin care treatment, vascular laser treatment and all your aesthetic needs. The center uses the latest equipment out in the market to provide a quality and effective treatment towards patient.

Dermatology Clinic Services

Botox Injection

For relaxing the expression lines and prevent wrinkles Decrease the sebaceous glands activity in acne patient Tighten the wide process Nefertiti lifting.

Radio-frequency for skin tightening, Pores minimizing and fine lines reduction

Fructora: Post acne pigmentation & scars resurfacing.
Pelleve: Winkles reduction

Laser hair removal with Soprano ice, Cutera & Cheveux

Pain-Free, Hair-Free permanently eliminate regrowing hair without the discomfort of other systems even for sensitive area (a massage- like sensation). Super-Quick treatment even for large areas such as the legs or back. Proven safety record including dark skin. You can expect lasting results from a series of relatively short sessions with these latest laser technology.

Fillers Injection

Facial features augmentation and deep lines restoring.

PRP Injection

Plasma rich protein For skin renewal and rejuvenation that gives healthier, fresh and glory appearance Hair fall treatment and hair re-growing.

Threads lifting

is a very safe procedure that gives tightness and pulling sensation for the skin sagging and eye braw lifting immediately or shortly after the threads used.


It replaces the vitamins and minerals which the body loses with aging and stress by injection or needling derma roller or derma stamp or by Radiofrequency.

Laser rejuvenation

Laser gensis: Lightening& pores minimizing
NIR Soprano laser: Collagen stimulation and skin tightening

Anti-Aging therapies

Reduces wrinkles, slow the effects of aging and restore skin to its youthful appearance.

Vascular laser

Spider vines removal

Plastic Surgery Services

You only have one life and one body; why not make the most of it? Men and women who visit us for cosmetic surgery know that looking their best improves their self-image and self-esteem, and ultimately allows them to live life more fully. Alahmadani Medical Center offers options for people who want the way they look outside to reflect the way they feel inside by offering a wide selection of plastic surgery procedures in order to accommodate a variety of individual concerns.

For both men and women equally applicable.
3 different size treatment heads Small, Medium, Large, with excellent and unique cooling technology in constant and pulsed mode prevent Freeze Burns on the epidermis with highly effective treatment results in sub-zero temperatures at only 60 minutes per treatment. Two of the 6 light and comfortable treatment heads can work simultaneously on the body. Also, different sized high-tech treatment heads carry out the treatment. The treatment is painless (even when pain-sensitive areas such as inner thigh, upper arm, upper belly, man breasts) and can be adjusted continuously via the vacuum pressure from treatment clients at any time during treatment and in its perception. The skin treated zone is unreachable and unique compared to the many Cryolipolysis systems on the market. Incomparable uniform and noticeable freezing while protecting the epidermis from excessive contact cooling. No Freeze Burns- painlessly.

Therefore, the Cryolipolysis is the best solution for the permanent removal of local fat cells The refrigeration process is a new, non-invasive method for the gentle and successful elimination of fat in certain areas of the body. In the treated areas, this leads to a clear, natural-looking fat reduction. The special thing about the process is the use of a revolutionary cooling technology. The fat cells in fat deposits are eliminated by a gradual process that does not hurt the surrounding tissue. The method is well suited to reduce abdominal and flank fat and fat in the back area. Even after already successful stomach reduction and after weight loss is the Cryolipolysis suitable combination to lose the rest underbelly fat . After two months you get a clear, natural-looking and measurable fat reduction from the beginning of treatment. The fat loss through this very effective lipolysis continues even after the treatment still in the body for several months continued.

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