Dr. Axel Greiner

You could call him your expert in low back pain, headache, sore neck, whiplash, jammed hip, gimpy leg, frozen shoulder, bum knee, just getting old, healing hands, magic touch, pain fixer upper, or you could just call him Dr. Axel Greiner, chiropractor/physiotherapist and former owner of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Center, located Mannheim Germany from 1995-2005. Currently he manage his own center “Physiotherapie Am Wormser Tor .LTD since 2005 up to present located in Frankenthal, Germany. He just moved to Doha, Qatar March 2015.

Dr. Axel passed his final state examination in Massage in Siegen, Germany (1985), and final state examination Physiotherapist in Stuttgart, Germany (1996). He also completed his Master’s in Gentle Chiropractor in Dr. Ackermann Stockholm College last 2011. Working for 25 years gained him valuable experience with various conditions. He has found his best outcomes result from treatment focused on education and exercises, often augmented with manual therapy and chiropractic. He is highly specialized in spine, joint and neurological diseases in patients of all ages. Dr. Axel is looking for a new challenge in Qatar and find it in the Alahmadani Medical Center, a fine place to expand and build the new department with his skills and German equipment. In his time in Germany he already experienced to deal with patients from the Gulf.